Iran sends ominous warning to Israel as World War III


op cartoon voice actress Tara Strong has been let go from her role in the independent animated series “Boxtown” after she made a series of posts about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The actress, who voiced characters on several Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon shows including “The PowerPuff Girls” and “Rugrats,” found out she was fired from social media, and claimed she was axed from the show simply “for being Jewish.”

“Just found out on Twitter!” she wrote on X, referring to the social media platform’s former moniker.

“This is what happens when you help fans get shows made I guess. Fired for being Jewish. Glad I helped you get your kickstarter money. Please lose my email address & pray for my family in Israel and in Gaza. & #prayforpeace.”

“Hello all! Just wanted to offer a quick update on Boxtown,” the account wrote on Oct. 12. “We will be recasting the role of Bill (previously played by Tara Strong). We’ll have more info soon on open auditions. Thanks for y’all’s understanding as we re-orient and figure out the next steps.”