Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce got hot | taylor swift | Oct 18, 2023


Let's celebrate kissing in automobiles and bars across the city.

After bringing out the singer's smudged rep lipstick the day before, Swifties saw another indication that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce got steamy and passionate during their second romantic date night in New York City.

Swift attempted to hide any signs of a new makeout session by removing her distinctive red lip, but vigilant viewers on TikTok detected another obvious sign.

On Sunday evening, as Swift and Kelce departed the Waverly Inn, the "Cruel Summer" singer's nose was visibly a little raw and her foundation had come off.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. 8 Perceptive fans think Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were a touch flirtatious on their second date night in New York City.

The tanned Kansas City Chiefs player, meanwhile, appeared to have foundation on his own nose, but it was obviously a few shades too light for him.

Another person said, "It's so funny because I thought how funny it was that she didn't wear red lipstick because they got caught with the other picture and then saw their noses ."