Olivia Dunne Brought Her Boyfriend To Saturday's | LSU Game Oct 18, 2023


Gymnast Olivia Dunne of the LSU Tigers, an All-American, took her boyfriend to the football game on Saturday.

In her final year of collegiate gymnastics, Dunne accompanied her significant other to the Baton Rouge football game on Saturday.

The No. 1 MLB Draft pick and the All-American gymnast had a good time at the game on Saturday.

On Sunday, the Tigers thrashed Auburn 48-18 to increase their season record to 5-2.

After a great season at LSU and a run to the national championship, Skenes has chosen Baton Rouge, Louisiana, his center of operations for the winter.

Olivia Dunne surprised fans by bringing her boyfriend to the LSU game on October 18, 2023, making it a memorable date night.

Adorable Couple Moments: The couple shared sweet moments on the jumbotron, stealing the show with their affectionate gestures and smiles.