Masters of Illusion, World’s Funniest Animals: CW Shows Move to a New Night for Fall 2023


A Night of Laughter and Magic: – Get ready to be entertained with a magical twist as "Masters of Illusion" and "World's Funniest Animals" move to a new night this fall.

CW's Fall Lineup Shake-Up: – The CW network is revamping its fall lineup, and the shift of these two popular shows promises a fresh TV experience.

Family-Friendly Fun: – "World's Funniest Animals" continues to bring the best of animal antics, offering wholesome laughter for the entire family.

Mesmerizing Illusions: – "Masters of Illusion" showcases mind-boggling magic and illusions that will leave you wondering how they do it.

Double the Entertainment: – With these shows back-to-back on the new night, viewers can expect a double dose of laughter and wonder.

Midweek Escape: – The new night provides a midweek escape from the daily grind, making Wednesdays a highlight of your week.

Hosts and Performers: – Catch talented hosts and performers who make these shows a delightful experience for fans of all ages.

Fan Interaction: – Engage with fellow fans on social media, sharing your favorite moments from the shows and discussing the magic and comedy.