Iron-Rich Foods for Babies, Toddlers & Kids | Whole Foods Oct 17, 2023


Spinach: This leafy green is a versatile addition to your child's meals, from smoothies to pasta.

Lean Meats: Beef, poultry, and pork are rich sources of heme iron, easily absorbed by the body.

Beans and Lentils: Kids can enjoy lentil soup, chili, or a plate of black beans and rice.

Fortified Cereals: Many cereals are fortified with iron, making breakfast a nutritious start.

Tofu: Tofu is a plant-based option for vegetarian or vegan children and can be seasoned to taste.

Quinoa: This grain is an excellent iron source and can be a base for various kid-friendly dishes.

Raisins: A small snack-sized box of raisins is a portable iron boost for on-the-go kids.

Eggs: Scrambled, boiled, or as an omelet, eggs are a versatile source of iron.