How solar eclipse affects human health? | USA Oct 14, 2023


5 Ways the Solar Eclipse on Oct 14, 2023, Affects Human Health in the USA

Vision Protection Is Key: Watching a solar eclipse without proper eye protection can cause irreversible damage to your eyes. Use certified solar viewing glasses to prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your retinas.

Sleep Patterns Disrupted: Solar eclipses can disrupt sleep patterns due to the sudden darkness in the middle of the day. Our circadian rhythms may struggle to adapt, affecting overall well-being.

Mental Health Impact: The rarity of a solar eclipse can cause anxiety and excitement, potentially leading to emotional disturbances. Practice mindfulness to stay grounded and reduce stress.

UV Exposure: During a solar eclipse, UV radiation levels can increase. Prolonged exposure can lead to sunburn, skin damage, and increase the risk of skin cancer. Apply sunscreen to exposed areas.

Cultural and Social Effects: Solar eclipses have historically influenced cultural beliefs. Communities may gather for viewing, impacting social interactions and creating a sense of togetherness.