High-Protein, Low-Calorie Food Sources | Good Health Oct 17, 2023


Skinless Chicken Breast: Packed with protein and low in calories, it's a lean favorite for muscle builders and weight-watchers alike.

Greek Yogurt: Creamy and protein-rich, it's a delicious snack or breakfast option that aids in muscle repair and weight management.

Tofu: A versatile plant-based source, tofu is low-calorie and protein-packed, perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Egg Whites: Rich in protein, egg whites are low in calories and versatile for omelets, scrambles, or baking.

Cottage Cheese: A low-fat dairy option, cottage cheese offers ample protein with minimal calories.

Lentils: High in protein and fiber, lentils are a satisfying and calorie-friendly addition to salads and soups.

Shrimp: Seafood lovers can rejoice; shrimp is low-calorie, high-protein, and a delicious addition to various dishes.

Quinoa: This whole grain is an excellent choice for plant-based protein and is low in calories, making it a must-try for health-conscious eaters.