Hidden Horrors: 10 Rare But Great Horror Movies for Halloween


"Session 9" (2001) – This psychological horror masterpiece delves into the eerie Danvers State Mental Hospital, shrouded in supernatural secrets.

"Lake Mungo" (2008) – A found-footage film that explores grief and the supernatural as a family unravels the chilling truth behind their daughter's death.

"Resolution" (2012) – A unique blend of mystery and horror, it follows a man's desperate attempt to save his friend from an enigmatic, sinister force.

"The Witch in the Window" (2018) – This slow-burning ghost story weaves a haunting narrative of a father and son's unsettling encounters with the supernatural.

"Possum" (2018) – A disturbing tale of a disgraced puppeteer's sinister creation, unleashing psychological terror in a bleak, isolated world.

"One Cut of the Dead" (2017) – A Japanese zom-com that provides a fresh take on the undead, with humor and suspense intertwined in an unexpected way.

"The Nightingale" (2018) – A harrowing revenge saga set in 1825 Tasmania, revealing the horrors of colonialism and personal vendettas.

"Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse" (2017) – A brooding, atmospheric journey into witchcraft, superstition, and madness in a remote medieval village.

"The Endless" (2017) – Two brothers return to a cult they escaped, only to uncover unsettling cosmic phenomena beyond their imagination.

"The Ritual" (2017) – A trek through a Scandinavian forest takes a terrifying turn when a group of friends confront an ancient evil presence.