Hazbin Hotel: Prime Video Releases Song and Cast List for New Adult Animated Comedy Series (Watch) 


A Star-Studded Cast: "Hazbin Hotel" on Prime Video boasts an impressive cast, featuring renowned voice actors like Vivienne Medrano, Michael Kovach, and Edward Bosco.

A Glimpse into Hell: The show offers a unique and hilarious perspective on the afterlife, set in the chaotic world of Hell, where redemption is anything but straightforward.

Dark Comedy at Its Finest: With a dark sense of humor, "Hazbin Hotel" brings a fresh twist to the concept of life after death, creating a truly one-of-a-kind comedy experience.

A Feast for the Eyes: The series stands out with its vibrant and visually stunning animation, making Hell an unexpectedly colorful and lively place.

Fan-Driven Success: Originally a web series, the show's immense popularity among fans led to its transformation into a fully-fledged series on Prime Video.

Creator Vivienne Medrano's Vision: The show's creator, Vivienne Medrano, brings her unique and imaginative storytelling to life in this highly anticipated series.

An Epic Battle for Redemption: Follow the journey of the main character, Charlie, as she tries to rehabilitate demons and give them a second chance.

Diverse and Eccentric Characters: Expect a cast of eccentric and multifaceted characters, each with their quirks and peculiarities that add depth to the storyline.