California mom who threw sick sex parties for teen son searched online for ‘hot 16 (year) old teenage girls’


The California mom accused of hosting depraved sex parties for her teen son conducted disturbing online searches for “hot 16 (year) old teenage girls” and downloaded images of scantily dressed young teens, new reports said.

Shannon O’Connor, 48, made the steamy Google look-ups for prurient youth content on her cellphone, which was confiscated after she was busted in 2021 for throwing the booze-filled teen sex bashes.

The so-called "Party Mom," who has a court hearing scheduled for next month, threw the sick get-togethers for her 15-year-old son's friends and classmates at Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, California. 

During these gatherings, children allegedly suffered sexual abuse while O'Connor watched and laughed.

A new report by KRON4 news said O’Connor’s cellphone contained evidence of her Google searches for things including “good books with young sex” — along with several videos of undressed, underage girls, including TikTok.