Caleb Williams Addresses Viral Video Of Notre Dame Fan Trolling Him


Caleb Williams brushed off a Notre Dame fan who accosted him on the field after Saturday's game.

In USC's 48-20 loss to the Fighting Irish, the standout quarterback tossed three interceptions. After the final horn, a fan charging the field at Notre Dame Stadium approached Williams and said, "Let me see those nails now, bro." 

Williams dismissed the heckler when speaking to reporters Wednesday.

"I mean, everybody wants to be in these two [size] 12.5 shoes right here," Williams said.

"I'm not concerned about a youngster sprinting onto the field who has no genuine connection to Notre Dame other than perhaps going there with his family or going there himself.

I have to lead a lot of guys over here, so I don't care what a sheep thinks; lions aren't concerned with such things. Continue moving forward and fighting. Battle on.

Williams, whose mom is a nail stylist, routinely paints his fingernails as a way to express himself. The 2022 Heisman Trophy winner did so with a profane message when painting "F*** ND" on his nails for last year's game.