Travis Kelce Bought A New House For His Taylor Swift Relationship


Due to his connection with Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce has undergone a significant life transformation.

According to reports, the tight end with the Kansas City Chiefs has bought a new house. 

According to reports, Kelce was looking for a more private residence in Kansas City.

 His old residence in Kansas City was too open to the public and had insufficient protection.

Kelce purchased a $6 million mansion in a gated community in Kansas City.

"It also screams luxury ... we're told there's a pool with a waterfall attached -- plus, a tennis and pickleball court, not to mention a mini golf course. Now, as far as why he upgraded ... our sources say there were a few things nagging him, including needing more privacy."

Swift recently paid Kelce a visit in Kansas City. During her visit, there were a lot of fans and paparazzi outside his house.