'Today' Al Roker Shares Bond With 'Yellowstone' Cole Hauser


5 Moments When Al Roker Got Flustered by Cole Hauser on 'Today'

Charming Charisma: Cole Hauser's charismatic presence left Al Roker momentarily speechless during their 'Today' show interview. Al couldn't help but admire Hauser's magnetic aura.

Quick Wit: Hauser's quick-witted responses kept Al Roker on his toes, often making him chuckle and stumble over his words while trying to keep up with the actor's humor.

Rugged Handsomeness: Al Roker openly admitted to being flustered by Cole Hauser's rugged good looks, making it hard to concentrate on their interview topics.

Unpredictable Anecdotes: Hauser's knack for sharing unpredictable, hilarious anecdotes left Al Roker struggling to maintain his professional composure on live television.

Mutual Respect: Despite the flustered moments, Al Roker and Cole Hauser shared a warm camaraderie that made their on-air interactions a delightful blend of professionalism and genuine admiration.