8 Best Teas for Fighting Inflammation


Turmeric Tea: – Loaded with curcumin, it's a potent anti-inflammatory agent. – Reduces inflammation and provides numerous health benefits.

Ginger Tea: – Gingerol in ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. – Soothes sore muscles and eases digestive discomfort.

Green Tea: – Abundant in antioxidants, it combats inflammation. – Promotes overall well-being and supports heart health.

Chamomile Tea: – Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. – Calms inflammation-related skin conditions and aids sleep.

Peppermint Tea: – Menthol in peppermint alleviates inflammation. – Relieves headaches and sinus congestion effectively.

White Tea: – Rich in antioxidants, it fights inflammation. – Supports healthy skin and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Rosehip Tea: – Packed with vitamin C, it reduces inflammation. – Enhances the immune system and skin health.

Hibiscus Tea: – Contains anthocyanins, which combat inflammation. – Lowers blood pressure and boosts liver health.